Sunday, March 13, 2005

Wich You Understand Me ...

I Know My Friend ... You Will Understand Me ...

Maybe You read me … Maybe You understand me … Maybe I can share this moment with someone!
All I want is tell to everybody that my happiness would lift me into space. Id die a thousand deaths to turn back time, for a happy life free of misery and pain.

All I want is a happy family, happy childhood, is that insane?!

All I ever wanted was to curl up into a ball; All I ever did was throw my feelings at the wall.
All I ever feel is nothing for nothing or anyone, is that possible?!

Now I’m like a candle with all the wax gone. Now I’m a light that was there, just an empty space in which it shone.

I got used to it, and now it’s who I am, the me before is me anyway, how can I change, when this is all I am, when I am really nothing?!

How can I change what is set for me, I cant, I have to feel pain, at least feeling pain is feeling something.

Something is better than nothing and nothing is all I can be!

I look behind; I look ahead ... still nothings all I see… Can You Understand Me?!

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